Q: I can’t open the presentations in the presentations section.

A: All of the technology presentations are saved as Microsoft Power Point presentations. You will need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer or a production suite that can open .ppt files (OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Apple Keynote, and others). If you are using a computer running the Windows operating system, you can also install the free Power Point Viewer from the link in the grey bar on the Presentations page.

Q: I can’t open/play any of the videos on your site.

A: Most of the videos on our site use Apple Quicktime. Please go to the Apple web site to download the newest version.

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Laptop Agreement

Informational Presentations

2013 1:1 Policies
2013 MacBook Air Set Up Instructions

Informational Videos

JMC Office Intro 1 | 274 MB | Download
JMC Office Intro 2 |272 MB | Download
JMC Office Intro 3 |201 MB | Download
JMC Office Student Lists |157 MB | Download
JMC Office Scheduling Stage 1 |131 MB | Download
JMC Office Scheduling Stage 2 |101 MB | Download
JMC Office Elementary Scheduling |272 MB | Download
JMC Office Health |205 MB | Download
JMC Office Lunch |217 MB | Download
JMC Teacher Gradebook |271 MB | Download
JMC Admin. Transition |91 MB | Download