The DES Employment Group has multiple hiring opportunities available for persons 18 or older at Osceola Foods, the Hy-Vee warehouse and Plum.  Please call 342-6182 if interested or visit their office at 324 S Jackson St. in Osceola.  You may also email or visit for more information. – provides every career path in automotive that a senior could decide upon. Besides things like Salary, we also offer ASE Testing schedules, FAQs and interviews with Mechanics running your own business. – provides in depth career path info on how become a wind turbine technician, salaries, solar, renewables and a growing list of Environmental Careers students can go into to help change the world. We offer interviews with college students in training, professionals in the field and college program directors.

Senior Students interested in a plumbing apprenticeship are encouraged to consider the Cook Plumbing Corporation.  You may contact Shannon Buttz at (515)225-9532 ext. 12 or click here for more information.

Medical Assistance Schools in Iowa

This year’s sophomores/juniors (next year’s juniors/seniors) who are interested in taking SWCC concurrent enrollment courses MUST take the COMPASS before they may have a SWCC Fall/Spring Registration for Classes Form.  You may call the Osceola SWCC Center at 342-3531 to arrange a testing time.  Testing should be done OUTSIDE of class time.

or information on AmeriCorps click here.  The program, which is part of the Corporation for National and Community Service, offers a full-time, 10-month, team based service program full of unique experiences, benefits, and the opportunity to impact the lives of others.
for the seniors at CD who are considering a career in cosmetology.