On-Line Registration

Online Registration for 2017-18 school year is available

Registration FAQs

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the supply list, handbooks and other forms you may need.


In order to provide a more flexible and cost effective approach to student registration, Central Decatur is requiring an online enrollment process.

If you need to complete the online Application for Free/Reduced Meals go here.

To begin the registration process, please go to the Parent PowerSchool log in page:



Central Decatur Schools PowerSchool E-Registration Parent Guide

In the Login box enter your User Name and Password, click Sign In.


PS Image 1

The PowerSchool Parent Portal screen will display.  Each of students attached to your account will display in the bar below the PowerSchool Logo (upper left portion of the screen).   Choose the first student by clicking on the student’s name.


PS Image 2

Parents have the opportunity to change the language E-Registration is presented by clicking on the option in the upper right portion of the screen.

PS Image 3

In the left menu, scroll down and click E-Registration: Untitled6

The E-Registration process begins with the Demographics tab.   The screen is presented with data that is currently on file in the center of the screen.   Updates or new entries may be completed in the right column of the screen.  Please ONLY enter updates/changes.  


Parents will be taken through nine steps to complete the following updates:

  • Student Demographics (screen 1)
    • Student’s – address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Home Language Survey (screen 2)
    • Language information required by the state to be gathered from every student.
  • Guardian (screen 3)
    • Parent – address, phones, employer, etc.   
  • Emergency Contacts (screen 4)
    • Name, relationship, contact phones
  • Health (screen 5)
    • Medications and health concerns
  • Permissions, (screen 6)
    • Parents grant or deny permission for their student school activities
  • Fees (screen 7)
    • Fees:  School fees or lunch accounts are electronically paid here  
  • Forms (screen 8)
    • Other Forms:   Access to district specific forms.  Examples include:  Athletic physical, classroom volunteer, Booster club membership, etc.,
  •      Finish (screen 9)

After completing one student, parents have the opportunity to copy address and phone data to another student. The following message will be presented on the demographics, parent/guardian and emergency contact screen:


This means while on the Demographics screen for Paige, click on the other students name (Cameron), addresses, phone numbers, etc. are copied to the entry fields for Paige.

Additional updates may be made after the copy is completed.

All steps (Demographics, Language, Guardians, Emergency, Health, Permissions, Forms and Fees) must be completed for each student.

When the message, “E-Registration has been completed” (sample below) appears, you may select another student and begin.


Building Secretaries review every change request and provide final approval for updates into PowerSchool.  

Thank you for participating in Electronic Registration!   We appreciate your support!  

Remember: The registration process will not be complete until payment or arrangements are made.

If you need to complete the online Application for Free/Reduced Meals go here.

Fees 2017-2018

Textbook Fee $35 per student ($100 Family Max)
Food Service Prices (optional) K-2 3-6 7-12
Student Breakfast $1.75 $1.75 $1.75
Adult Breakfast $1.75 $1.75 $1.75
Student Lunch $2.30 $2.45 $2.55
Adult Lunch $3.60 $3.60 $3.60
Milk Ticket (Single) $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
Milk Ticket (20 punches) $10.00 $10.00 $10.00
7-12 Laptop Deposit (All 7th grade & new students only) $35
Activity Ticket (K-12 Student)(Optional)(12 punches) $20 $20 $20
Activity Ticket (Adult) (12 punches) $35 $35 $35

Extra school forms/applications:

K-6 Supply List Free/Reduced Parent Letter
2017-2018  School Calendar Free/Reduced Meal Instructions
Free/Reduced Meal Application
Elementary Handbook  Dietary Modification Form
MS/HS Handbook Athletic Exam (7-12)
School Fees Information Athletic Insurance Waiver (7-12)
Seizure Action Plan Concussion Fact Sheet
Dental Screening  grade K and 9 Anaphylaxis Action Plan
Kindergarten Physical Form Asthma Action Plan
Medication Authorization  Asthma Self Medication Permission Form
Vision Screening Consent for Immunization Clinic

Please note : you may need  Acrobat Reader  (free download) to view and print the above links